Together with you, ourselves and any subcontractors necessary for your project, we carefully plan out all phases the work from start to finish. You'd be amazed how much time this saves in our finish dates for our clients. Most are truly surprised at how soon their project is complete.



Prior to starting your remodel or renovation, we listen carefully to your desires and wishes for your project. We then collaborate with you to come up with the perfect design, factoring in construction and structural considerations.



After deriving the master plan to achieve the design of your dreams, we help you to select your favorite materials. Once we have all the supplies and workers lined up, we get right to work on building your vision. All subcontractors, vendors, inspectors and city permits are handled entirely by CTC. No hassles, delays or no-shows for you to deal with!


The Bottom Line...

Because we deal with every facet of your project from a turn-key approach, the quality of work is secure and in line with your budget...costing you far less than if you'd have tried to pull this thing off all by yourself.

Ready to make this dream happen?

If your remodel or renovation has been rumbling around in your head far too long, or you just are not sure who to talk to to get started, please fill out our easy initial contact form so we can speak informatively with you.