Ok, so you really want to remodel your kitchen and maybe even the entire main floor. But you're sure you don't want huge time delays of disarray and the hastle of pulling all those subcontractors together alone. And the city wants to do inspections on everything! How do you navigate the process? CTC to the rescue!


You've found a house you love in your price range, but at least a few rooms need some serious renovation. Shoot, maybe the whole place. But that's going to take a major budget do everything you desire. What if you could design and build it the way you really want it, and hit your intended price range? Again, CTC to the rescue.


Your house is one of a kind. A very cozy place for sure. But there are some parts of it that are in need of restoration or entire replacement. Wondering if you can find a company that will do it in one turn-key project and help you avoid lengthy, drawn out and overly costly construction? We're really out here. And we can do just that!

Our Turn-Key Approach

After hearing too many stories from disgruntled folks who'd had a nightmare experience with a remodel or renovation project, we knew there had to be a better approach. Tales of disorganized and uncooperative subcontractors taking forever to get the project done, or outright leaving things un-done for months and months were plentiful. So we created a more streamlined approach, incorporating design, organized planning and coordination of all the construction work under one cohesive project manager. Viola! Streamlined projects with far less time commitment, no subcontractor hassles, and total compliance with inspectors. Plan, Design, Build. Simple! And in far less time than you thought.


Next Steps...

Want to learn more about our Turn-Key remodels and renovations? We'd love to hear about the project you're dreaming about and get you on the path to the fulfillment of that vision!