Project Planning

Planning a Kitchen

Your plan for your kitchen is crucial to the success of the project. Important points to consider are:

  • Your intended budget for the project
  • A "dreamboard" that lists out things like your design preferences; will your design be traditional, modern, a combination of both or perhaps a green approach.
  • Ideas from Kent to expound upon your ideas, and consider possible issues prior to construction.
  • Cabinets:
    - Different finishes and heights?
    - Style and price ranges
    - Your needs and desires
    - Will there be an Island?
  • Appliances:
    - Range
    - Cooktop and separate ovens, how many, microwave & convection oven combinations, sizes and types
    - Dishwasher(s): how many and types.
    - Vent hood: what type?
    - Moldings: layers and different types?
    - Will there be a flooring change?
    - Sinks and faucets: how many and styles
    - Lighting
    - Do any walls need to be moved, basic floor plan changes?
    - Cabinet inserts for spices, trash, etc.
    - Backsplash: what type? Tile, basic backsplash?
    - Counter tops: what type of materials?

When your plan out your ideal kitchen with us, we will listen carefully to determine your style and needs. We then bring our ideas to the table based on the latest products and design ideas available.

Getting Started

The most costly mistakes in remodeling are:

  1. Not having a budget range
  2. Not knowing what you are looking for... (analysis paralysis)
  3. Not hiring professionals
  4. Not choosing your appliances prior to cabinet building
  5. Not allowing time for excellence.

At CTC, we start with a budget first. This also involves having a rough idea of the scope of your project. We love to see a pictorial display or dream board of your design ideas typed up and put on a board, along with pictures or images of kitchens and features your like.