About Us


Our Approach

CTC is a general contracting company that specializes in interior residential renovation and remodeling. We are an Active G.C., which means that we are on-site working on the project and managing subcontractors every day. When you hire us, you are paying for experience, competence and the ability to anticipate problems and solve them without a hiccup in your time frame. We assume responsibility to handle permitting with the city, hiring necessary subcontractors, finding the right suppliers, completing all the required inspections and managing the project from start to finish.

Meet the Team

We work with competent, certified subcontractors, electricians, plumbers and structural engineers. We also have good relationships with inspectors to streamline our work and to assure that all phases of your project will pass the many required inspections with flying colors.


Kent Lodge

Owner and Manager

In addition to hanging a large percentage of the actual construction work himself, Kent manages all subcontractors, inspection work and permitting.


Seth Stamm

Site Manager

Seth handles much of the site and crew management and direct work on our projects. His discerning eye for excellence helps us keep projects moving forward in a timely way.

Next Steps...

Thinking about doing a remodel or renovation soon? Contact us today t0 hear more about our turn-key approach and to let us learn more about your project!